'A Bad Kind Of Madness' — Clean Block In NCAA Tournament Game Misjudged As Foul: Craziest Call In Sport This Week

“They’ll be talking about that blocked shot for years to come,” said the commentator on last Thursday night’s NCAA Tournament game between Samford and Kansas.

The controversial sequence of events begins with Samford’s Jaden Campbell hitting a 3-pointer to cut Kansas’ lead down to 90-89.

With just under 20 seconds left on the clock, Kansas’ Nick Timberlake got free and raced down the court, seemingly on his way to an inevitable dunk. But Samford’s A.J. Stanton-McCray‘s lightning-fast chase-down and perfectly-timed block left the net empty and a bewildered Timberlake sprawling on his back.

But the official blew his whistle.

“Did they call a foul?” asked one of the broadcasters. “I gotta see a replay. Was that clean?”

The commentary continues as they watch the slow motion replay: “That was clean! That is all ball, and that is an incredible play. With the game on the line, that is an incredible block that just got taken away from Samford.”

The game restarts with Kansas’ free throws taking them 92-89 ahead with a little more than 14 seconds on the clock. Another foul against Samford with 0.9 seconds on the clock sealed the game for Kansas 93-89.

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Social Media Says

Reactions on social media were, understandably, zealous given the passion of support during March Madness.

Former NBA player Etan Thomas was among those consoling Samford. He posted on X: “Just because someone falls doesn't mean a foul occurred. They were down 1 with 30 seconds left here. I don't have a dog in this fight, just hate to see a great game determined by a bad call at the very end.”

Some were even more forthright, calling, too, for a review system to be adopted so that controversial decisions can be checked or challenged.

“That *** *** ref literally had the perfect angle to see it was a clean block by Samford. Please implement the challenge and/or review system for NCAA basketball. What a ******* travesty this is. Kansas should be going home,” said Steph Boyarthree on X.

Sports writer Billy Heyen said on X: “Samford's totally clean block called a foul, and they lose a chance to pull an upset against Kansas. Yuck.”

He added: “We watch basketball all day long to see magic. Samford is trying to make magic happen. Guy gets as clean a chase down block as you'll ever see. Incorrect whistle, with no mechanism to overturn, ruins it all. That's a bad kind of madness.”

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