ARC Document Solutions' (NYSE:ARC) Dividend Will Be $0.05

ARC Document Solutions, Inc. -1.89%

ARC Document Solutions, Inc.




ARC Document Solutions, Inc.'s (NYSE:ARC) investors are due to receive a payment of $0.05 per share on 31st of May. This makes the dividend yield 7.2%, which will augment investor returns quite nicely.

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ARC Document Solutions' Dividend Is Well Covered By Earnings

While it is great to have a strong dividend yield, we should also consider whether the payment is sustainable. Before making this announcement, ARC Document Solutions' dividend was higher than its profits, but the free cash flows quite comfortably covered it. Generally, we think cash is more important than accounting measures of profit, so with the cash flows easily covering the dividend, we don't think there is much reason to worry.

Over the next year, EPS is forecast to expand by 93.0%. Assuming the dividend continues along recent trends, our estimates say the payout ratio could reach 84% - on the higher side, but we wouldn't necessarily say this is unsustainable.

NYSE:ARC Historic Dividend March 29th 2024

ARC Document Solutions' Dividend Has Lacked Consistency

Looking back, the dividend has been unstable but with a relatively short history, we think it may be a bit early to draw conclusions about long term dividend sustainability. The annual payment during the last 4 years was $0.04 in 2020, and the most recent fiscal year payment was $0.20. This works out to be a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 50% a year over that time. Despite the rapid growth in the dividend over the past number of years, we have seen the payments go down the past as well, so that makes us cautious.

The Dividend's Growth Prospects Are Limited

Given that the dividend has been cut in the past, we need to check if earnings are growing and if that might lead to stronger dividends in the future. However, ARC Document Solutions' EPS was effectively flat over the past five years, which could stop the company from paying more every year.

The Dividend Could Prove To Be Unreliable

Overall, it's nice to see a consistent dividend payment, but we think that longer term, the current level of payment might be unsustainable. The company is generating plenty of cash, which could maintain the dividend for a while, but the track record hasn't been great. This company is not in the top tier of income providing stocks.

It's important to note that companies having a consistent dividend policy will generate greater investor confidence than those having an erratic one. At the same time, there are other factors our readers should be conscious of before pouring capital into a stock. As an example, we've identified 1 warning sign for ARC Document Solutions that you should be aware of before investing. Looking for more high-yielding dividend ideas? Try our collection of strong dividend payers.

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