Despite lower earnings than five years ago, Al Kathiri Holding (TADAWUL:3008) investors are up 180% since then






Al Kathiri Holding Company (TADAWUL:3008) shareholders might be concerned after seeing the share price drop 12% in the last week. On the other hand the returns over the last half decade have not been bad. It's good to see the share price is up 48% in that time, better than its market return of 44%.

In light of the stock dropping 12% in the past week, we want to investigate the longer term story, and see if fundamentals have been the driver of the company's positive five-year return.

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To paraphrase Benjamin Graham: Over the short term the market is a voting machine, but over the long term it's a weighing machine. By comparing earnings per share (EPS) and share price changes over time, we can get a feel for how investor attitudes to a company have morphed over time.

During the five years of share price growth, Al Kathiri Holding moved from a loss to profitability. That's generally thought to be a genuine positive, so investors may expect to see an increasing share price.

You can see how EPS has changed over time in the image below (click on the chart to see the exact values).

SASE:3008 Earnings Per Share Growth March 29th 2024

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What About The Total Shareholder Return (TSR)?

We've already covered Al Kathiri Holding's share price action, but we should also mention its total shareholder return (TSR). The TSR is a return calculation that accounts for the value of cash dividends (assuming that any dividend received was reinvested) and the calculated value of any discounted capital raisings and spin-offs. Al Kathiri Holding hasn't been paying dividends, but its TSR of 180% exceeds its share price return of 48%, implying it has either spun-off a business, or raised capital at a discount; thereby providing additional value to shareholders.

A Different Perspective

Investors in Al Kathiri Holding had a tough year, with a total loss of 15%, against a market gain of about 14%. However, keep in mind that even the best stocks will sometimes underperform the market over a twelve month period. On the bright side, long term shareholders have made money, with a gain of 23% per year over half a decade. If the fundamental data continues to indicate long term sustainable growth, the current sell-off could be an opportunity worth considering. It's always interesting to track share price performance over the longer term. But to understand Al Kathiri Holding better, we need to consider many other factors. Take risks, for example - Al Kathiri Holding has 1 warning sign we think you should be aware of.

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Please note, the market returns quoted in this article reflect the market weighted average returns of stocks that currently trade on Saudi exchanges.

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