Elon Musk Jabs Mark Cuban Again In Latest Round Of Billionaire Banter: 'People Trash Me All Day…'

Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk took a jab at fellow billionaire Mark Cuban yet again on Friday, terming the latter a “crybaby.”

What Happened: “People trash me all day. It's fine. Mark Cuban is a (cry) baby,” Musk wrote on X, formerly Twitter. The billionaire CEO was responding to a snippet of an interview given by Cuban to Lex Fridman wherein he said that people on X are less likely to disagree with Musk given that the social media platform belongs to him.

Why It Matters: The war of words between the two billionaires dates back months but intensified earlier this year following a debate on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Since then, the fight has escalated with Musk terming Cuban an "insufferable tool" and Cuban calling Musk a "real bad bitch" in turn.

However, Cuban said in the interview published on YouTube earlier today that he deems it to be “fun.”

“I wouldn’t call it a beef. It’s just a bit of fun- it’s fun for me,” Cuban said.

Cuban has been outspoken about the changes implemented by Musk on X (formerly Twitter) ever since he acquired it in 2022.

In December 2022, Cuban criticized Musk for being the ‘judge and jury’ of Twitter and demanded a ‘Bill of Rights’ from the social media platform for more transparency.

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