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Deep-pocketed investors have adopted a bearish approach towards Blackstone (NYSE:BX), and it's something market players shouldn't ignore. Our tracking of public options records at Benzinga unveiled this significant move today. The identity of these investors remains unknown, but such a substantial move in BX usually suggests something big is about to happen.

We gleaned this information from our observations today when Benzinga's options scanner highlighted 20 extraordinary options activities for Blackstone. This level of activity is out of the ordinary.

The general mood among these heavyweight investors is divided, with 30% leaning bullish and 70% bearish. Among these notable options, 18 are puts, totaling $1,350,045, and 2 are calls, amounting to $121,372.

Predicted Price Range

After evaluating the trading volumes and Open Interest, it's evident that the major market movers are focusing on a price band between $80.0 and $140.0 for Blackstone, spanning the last three months.

Volume & Open Interest Trends

In terms of liquidity and interest, the mean open interest for Blackstone options trades today is 872.4 with a total volume of 4,559.00.

In the following chart, we are able to follow the development of volume and open interest of call and put options for Blackstone's big money trades within a strike price range of $80.0 to $140.0 over the last 30 days.

Blackstone Option Activity Analysis: Last 30 Days

Options Call Chart

Significant Options Trades Detected:

Symbol PUT/CALL Trade Type Sentiment Exp. Date Ask Bid Price Strike Price Total Trade Price Open Interest Volume
BX PUT TRADE BEARISH 01/16/26 $8.7 $8.3 $8.6 $100.00 $258.0K 674 0
BX PUT SWEEP BULLISH 01/17/25 $18.5 $17.35 $18.0 $140.00 $180.0K 131 100
BX PUT TRADE BEARISH 01/16/26 $4.5 $3.95 $4.3 $80.00 $129.0K 2.0K 300
BX PUT SWEEP BEARISH 01/16/26 $5.35 $4.8 $5.35 $85.00 $107.0K 2.6K 200
BX CALL SWEEP NEUTRAL 01/17/25 $38.15 $38.0 $38.05 $97.50 $91.3K 247 24

About Blackstone

Blackstone is the world's largest alternative-asset manager with $1.040 trillion in total asset under management, including $762.6 billion in fee-earning assets under management, at the end of 2023. The company has four core business segments: private equity (22% of fee-earning AUM and 28% of base management fees), real estate (39% and 43%), credit and insurance (29% and 21%), and hedge fund solutions (10% and 8%). While the firm primarily serves institutional investors (87% of AUM), it also caters to clients in the high-net-worth channel (13%). Blackstone operates through 25 offices in the Americas (8), Europe and the Middle East (9), and the Asia-Pacific region (8).

Present Market Standing of Blackstone

  • Trading volume stands at 783,211, with BX's price up by 0.15%, positioned at $131.08.
  • RSI indicators show the stock to be may be approaching overbought.
  • Earnings announcement expected in 21 days.

Expert Opinions on Blackstone

A total of 1 professional analysts have given their take on this stock in the last 30 days, setting an average price target of $147.0.

  • An analyst from B of A Securities has decided to maintain their Buy rating on Blackstone, which currently sits at a price target of $147.

Options trading presents higher risks and potential rewards. Astute traders manage these risks by continually educating themselves, adapting their strategies, monitoring multiple indicators, and keeping a close eye on market movements. Stay informed about the latest Blackstone options trades with real-time alerts from Benzinga Pro.

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