Meta Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Ready To Get AI Upgrade: Expect These New Features Soon

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Meta Platforms Inc. (NASDAQ:META) reportedly plans to unveil its artificial intelligence-integrated Ray-Ban smart glasses next month.

What Happened: The AI features, which include translation and identifying objects, animals, and monuments, have been in early access since December, reported The Verge (via The New York Times). Users can activate the smart assistant by saying “Hey Meta” and issuing a prompt or question. The glasses will respond through the built-in speakers.

The Times tested Meta AI in various scenarios, such as grocery shopping, driving, museum visits, and zoo trips. While successfully identifying pets and artwork, it struggled with distant zoo animals and misidentified an exotic fruit called cherimoya.

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The glasses currently support English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German translations.

These features are only available to a U.S.-based early access waitlist, and according to the report, the Mark Zuckerberg-led tech giant will likely continue refining them as time passes.

Why It Matters: This development follows Meta’s previous unveiling of the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses at its Connect launch event in 2023. The glasses, equipped with AI, were designed to decode anything the user was looking at, without the help of Google.

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Meanwhile, Meta CEO was seen advocating for the smart glasses, even using them to show off his closet earlier this month. Zuckerberg shared multiple videos on Instagram showcasing the Ray-Ban smart glasses’ capabilities.

Last month, it was reported that Meta is set to reveal its first true augmented reality glasses, codenamed Orion, at its annual Connect developer event this fall. The AR glasses are separate from Meta’s popular Ray-Ban smart glasses and Quest headsets. It is part of Meta’s Reality Labs division, which is responsible for managing the company’s AR and VR endeavors, AI development, and all initiatives related to the metaverse.

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