Nintendo Switch 2 Reports Leak: Magnetic Joy-Cons, Enhanced 1080p Screen, Next-Gen Cartridges





Details about the successor to Nintendo ADR‘s (OTC:NTDOY) Nintendo Switch have surfaced.

A leaked Facebook post from Mobapad (via, a China-based peripherals manufacturer with ties to Nintendo’s supply chain, revealed specifics about Nintendo’s upcoming video game console.

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The Switch 2 appears to be an evolution rather than a radical departure from the original Switch, resembling a refined “Pro” version.

Key upgrades include a larger screen with 1080p resolution, an improvement over the original Switch’s 720p display.

Moreover, the console is expected to support existing Joy-Con and Pro controllers, though with smaller, magnetically attachable controllers replacing the current slot system.

Backward compatibility seems to be a focus, as the Switch 2 is rumored to support all physical and digital games from its predecessor, with a cartridge slot for Switch game cards.

New game cards designed specifically for the Switch 2 may not work on the original console. Additionally, the Switch 2 will use a USB-C charging port, allowing current Switch owners to use their docks with the new console.

Despite these leaks, Nintendo has not officially confirmed any details about its next console. Speculation suggests a potential launch in March 2025 at the earliest, with a reveal likely to occur after Gamescom 2024 in August, as Nintendo has announced its absence from the event.

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Photo: Brandon Romanchuk on Unsplash

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