The Electric Pickup Concept Continues To Evolve

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2023 was the year of electric pickups. The EV king, Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) finally brought its long-awaited Cybertruck to market. But, even Tesla found this particular vehicle challenging, still having to conquer the mass production equation. But, the concept continues to evolve.

Reportedly, Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) is finally to unveil its all-electric pickup before 2025 comes to an end. Moreover, an innovative automotive accessory manufacturer dedicated to developing clean energy solutions, Worksport Ltd (NASDAQ:WKSP) will bring solar-powered tonneau covers that will further enhance the features, including the range, of electric pickups.

Worksport is on track to bring the SOLIS to market this summer.

Just before the Easter holidays, Worksport announced that large quantity of custom solar panels required to begin production of its highly anticipated solar-powered tonneau cover for pickup trucks. The SOLIS solar tonneau coverpromises to revolutionize the pickup truck market by integrating cutting-edge solar technology into a durable and functional truck bed cover. The arrival of durable and flexible solar panels of the highest quality and latest technology in photovoltaics and flexible solar wafer cell is an important milestone for Worksport on its mission of merging automotive accessories and renewable energy.

Worksport is also gearing up to introduce the COR portable battery storage solution that complements the solar cover but can be used independently, even without a pickup. This power duo represents a significant leap forward in Worksport's vision of providing consumers with eco-friendly and technologically advanced solutions.

Toyota is finally accelerating into the EV future

According to Reuters and Electrek, the electric version of Toyota’s Hillux pickup is just around the corner. Last year, Toyota already unveiled a hydrogen fuel cell Hilux prototype, leaving many to wonder if and when an electric version is coming. In December, it showcased its first “electrified” version. But since showcasing the electric version, Hilux Revo BEV, in Thailand in 2022, not much has happened.

During the Bangkok International Show, Toyota Thailand president Noriaki Kamashita confirmed that the electric Hilux will be ready by the end of 2025. The announcement comes shortly after its Japanese rival Isuzu confirmed to unveil its first 100% electric pickup truck by the end of the month. With its all-electric pickup, D-MAX BEV, Isuzu promises to directly challenge the electric version of America’s best-selling pickup F-150 from Ford Motor (NYSE:F). Isuzu plans to make its electric pickup in Thailand as well, while the D-MAX is sold in over 100 countries across the globe. Moreover, it was the second-best selling model in Thailand in January, trailing Toyota’s Hilux. 

Moreover, Toyota also renamed its battery subsidiary, as it completed the full acquisition of Primearth EV Energyshares from Panasonic. Under the rebranding, Toyota renamed it Toyota Battery Company Ltd, with the name change reflecting its part in Toyota’s expanding EV focus.

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