Euronet Collaborates With Banco Guayaquil; Deployment Of Euronet's Ren Payments Platform And SaaS Model

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As part of the initial switching and future projects, Ren will provide the following benefits to the bank during the partnership:

  • Phased Migration and Zero-Downtime Transition: Euronet's strategic approach to Banco Guayaquil's needs includes a phased migration plan, ensuring zero downtime and seamless integration with existing systems. This process underscores Euronet's commitment to maintaining uninterrupted service and operational excellence during critical transition phases.
  • Compliance and Uptime Improvements: Ren's solution is uniquely designed to help keep Banco Guayaquil ahead of industry compliance mandates, assisting with preventing penalties and solidifying its position as a proactive, forward-thinking institution. Additionally, the platform's high availability and reliability significantly reduce downtime, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Adoption of Open Banking and New Technologies: The service agreement will explore new horizons in digital banking, with opportunities to integrate innovative Euronet platforms and services such as Dandelion, Skylight, and merchant acquiring. These initiatives align with Ecuador's emerging real-time payment (RTP) trends, positioning Banco Guayaquil at the forefront of digital innovation.
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