• Effortlessly engage in warrant trading on Sahm's intuitive platform, where you can explore a diverse selection of derivative securities, amplify your portfolio with increased leverage, and seize new opportunities for potential growth.
  • Sahm offers a wide range of warrant trading options, allowing investors to explore diverse derivative securities tailored to their investment preferences.
  • Trading warrants on Sahm enables investors to enhance their portfolio with added leverage, potentially amplifying returns and diversifying risk.
  • Sahm provides a user-friendly interface for warrant trading, offering seamless execution, real-time market data, and comprehensive tools to support informed investment decisions.
ProductFeesMinimum Charge

U.S. Market

U.S. stocks & ETFs
USD per share
Minimum Charge

U.S. Market

U.S. equity margin

Maximum leverage ratio of 1:2

No interest on intra-day repayments

7 %

Annual margin rate
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