Adeia Inc. (NASDAQ:ADEA) Stock Catapults 29% Though Its Price And Business Still Lag The Market

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Adeia Inc. (NASDAQ:ADEA) shareholders would be excited to see that the share price has had a great month, posting a 29% gain and recovering from prior weakness. The last 30 days bring the annual gain to a very sharp 31%.

Even after such a large jump in price, Adeia may still be sending bullish signals at the moment with its price-to-earnings (or "P/E") ratio of 10.3x, since almost half of all companies in the United States have P/E ratios greater than 17x and even P/E's higher than 33x are not unusual. Nonetheless, we'd need to dig a little deeper to determine if there is a rational basis for the reduced P/E.

Adeia has been struggling lately as its earnings have declined faster than most other companies. It seems that many are expecting the dismal earnings performance to persist, which has repressed the P/E. You'd much rather the company wasn't bleeding earnings if you still believe in the business. If not, then existing shareholders will probably struggle to get excited about the future direction of the share price.

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What Are Growth Metrics Telling Us About The Low P/E?

There's an inherent assumption that a company should underperform the market for P/E ratios like Adeia's to be considered reasonable.

Retrospectively, the last year delivered a frustrating 30% decrease to the company's bottom line. At least EPS has managed not to go completely backwards from three years ago in aggregate, thanks to the earlier period of growth. Therefore, it's fair to say that earnings growth has been inconsistent recently for the company.

Turning to the outlook, the next year should bring diminished returns, with earnings decreasing 56% as estimated by the dual analysts watching the company. That's not great when the rest of the market is expected to grow by 10%.

In light of this, it's understandable that Adeia's P/E would sit below the majority of other companies. Nonetheless, there's no guarantee the P/E has reached a floor yet with earnings going in reverse. There's potential for the P/E to fall to even lower levels if the company doesn't improve its profitability.

The Final Word

Adeia's stock might have been given a solid boost, but its P/E certainly hasn't reached any great heights. It's argued the price-to-earnings ratio is an inferior measure of value within certain industries, but it can be a powerful business sentiment indicator.

We've established that Adeia maintains its low P/E on the weakness of its forecast for sliding earnings, as expected. At this stage investors feel the potential for an improvement in earnings isn't great enough to justify a higher P/E ratio. Unless these conditions improve, they will continue to form a barrier for the share price around these levels.

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