Contagious Opportunities: Norovirus Cases Are On The Rise, These Are The Stocks That May Be Impacted

Clorox Company -1.95%
Darden Restaurants, Inc. -1.26%
Johnson & Johnson -0.85%

Clorox Company




Darden Restaurants, Inc.




Johnson & Johnson




Cases of norovirus, sometimes called the “winter vomiting disease,” are on the rise in multiple states throughout the U.S. The virus causes stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea and has been linked to outbreaks at restaurants such as the one at a sushi restaurant in North Carolina that infected more than 200 people two weeks ago. 

If the virus continues to spread throughout the U.S., there’s a strong possibility certain stocks will be impacted. Companies that manufacture medical and cleaning supplies could see an increase in demand, while restaurant stocks could get hit hard.

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Here are three stocks to watch as the norovirus runs its course: 

Clorox Co (NYSE:CLX): As it did during the COVID-19 pandemic, Clorox’s stock could see a significant bump as businesses and families work hard to disinfect surfaces to avoid the spread of the norovirus. Clorox has given back all of its pandemic gains and is trading lower than it was before the worldwide pandemic started in late 2019. 

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ): Johnson & Johnson produces and sells a wide range of different medical products, including masks that specialize in slowing down the spread of contagious diseases. Like Clorox, Johnson & Johnson saw a nice bump during the COVID-19 pandemic and could be set to see another one if norovirus keeps spreading. 

Darden Restaurants (NYSE:DRI): Darden owns and operates several different restaurant chains including Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse. Because the norovirus has been linked to outbreaks at restaurants, stocks such as Darden could get hit hard and see significant headwinds amid the spread of norovirus. 

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