Datadog, Inc.'s (NASDAQ:DDOG) P/S Still Appears To Be Reasonable

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Datadog, Inc.'s (NASDAQ:DDOG) price-to-sales (or "P/S") ratio of 21.1x might make it look like a strong sell right now compared to the Software industry in the United States, where around half of the companies have P/S ratios below 4.8x and even P/S below 1.9x are quite common. Although, it's not wise to just take the P/S at face value as there may be an explanation why it's so lofty.

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NasdaqGS:DDOG Price to Sales Ratio vs Industry January 30th 2024

What Does Datadog's Recent Performance Look Like?

With revenue growth that's superior to most other companies of late, Datadog has been doing relatively well. It seems the market expects this form will continue into the future, hence the elevated P/S ratio. If not, then existing shareholders might be a little nervous about the viability of the share price.

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Is There Enough Revenue Growth Forecasted For Datadog?

There's an inherent assumption that a company should far outperform the industry for P/S ratios like Datadog's to be considered reasonable.

Retrospectively, the last year delivered an exceptional 31% gain to the company's top line. Pleasingly, revenue has also lifted 272% in aggregate from three years ago, thanks to the last 12 months of growth. So we can start by confirming that the company has done a great job of growing revenue over that time.

Shifting to the future, estimates from the analysts covering the company suggest revenue should grow by 28% each year over the next three years. Meanwhile, the rest of the industry is forecast to only expand by 17% each year, which is noticeably less attractive.

In light of this, it's understandable that Datadog's P/S sits above the majority of other companies. Apparently shareholders aren't keen to offload something that is potentially eyeing a more prosperous future.

The Final Word

Generally, our preference is to limit the use of the price-to-sales ratio to establishing what the market thinks about the overall health of a company.

Our look into Datadog shows that its P/S ratio remains high on the merit of its strong future revenues. At this stage investors feel the potential for a deterioration in revenues is quite remote, justifying the elevated P/S ratio. It's hard to see the share price falling strongly in the near future under these circumstances.

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