Decoding Energy Transfer's Options Activity: What's the Big Picture?

Energy Transfer LP Common Units -1.66%

Energy Transfer LP Common Units




High-rolling investors have positioned themselves bullish on Energy Transfer (NYSE:ET), and it's important for retail traders to take note. \This activity came to our attention today through Benzinga's tracking of publicly available options data. The identities of these investors are uncertain, but such a significant move in ET often signals that someone has privileged information.

Today, Benzinga's options scanner spotted 10 options trades for Energy Transfer. This is not a typical pattern.

The sentiment among these major traders is split, with 70% bullish and 30% bearish. Among all the options we identified, there was one put, amounting to $43,000, and 9 calls, totaling $589,543.

Projected Price Targets

Based on the trading activity, it appears that the significant investors are aiming for a price territory stretching from $10.0 to $17.0 for Energy Transfer over the recent three months.

Analyzing Volume & Open Interest

Looking at the volume and open interest is a powerful move while trading options. This data can help you track the liquidity and interest for Energy Transfer's options for a given strike price. Below, we can observe the evolution of the volume and open interest of calls and puts, respectively, for all of Energy Transfer's whale trades within a strike price range from $10.0 to $17.0 in the last 30 days.

Energy Transfer Option Activity Analysis: Last 30 Days

Options Call Chart

Significant Options Trades Detected:

Symbol PUT/CALL Trade Type Sentiment Exp. Date Strike Price Total Trade Price Open Interest Volume
ET CALL SWEEP BULLISH 01/19/24 $13.00 $90.7K 35.1K 2.0K
ET CALL SWEEP BULLISH 01/19/24 $13.00 $89.6K 35.1K 1.0K
ET CALL SWEEP BULLISH 01/19/24 $13.00 $87.0K 35.1K 3.0K
ET CALL TRADE BULLISH 01/19/24 $13.00 $86.0K 35.1K 4.7K
ET CALL SWEEP BULLISH 01/19/24 $13.00 $77.9K 35.1K 5.6K

About Energy Transfer

Energy Transfer owns a large platform of crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquid assets primarily in Texas and the U.S. midcontinent region. It also has gathering and processing facilities, one of the largest fractionation facilities in the U.S., and fuel distribution. Energy Transfer also owns the Lake Charles gas liquefaction facility. It combined its publicly traded limited and general partnerships in October 2018.

In light of the recent options history for Energy Transfer, it's now appropriate to focus on the company itself. We aim to explore its current performance.

Current Position of Energy Transfer

  • Trading volume stands at 6,884,620, with ET's price down by -0.36%, positioned at $13.74.
  • RSI indicators show the stock to be is currently neutral between overbought and oversold.
  • Earnings announcement expected in 48 days.

Options are a riskier asset compared to just trading the stock, but they have higher profit potential. Serious options traders manage this risk by educating themselves daily, scaling in and out of trades, following more than one indicator, and following the markets closely.

If you want to stay updated on the latest options trades for Energy Transfer, Benzinga Pro gives you real-time options trades alerts.

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