EnigmaFund Venture Capital joins advisory board and invests in Aether Games, exclusive producer of renowned fantasy series GameFi project

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On the back of this announcement, EnigmaFund's recently launched platform Excelsior opens opportunities for investor participation in Aether Games seed and strategic token rounds.

LISBON, PORTUGAL / ACCESSWIRE / November 29, 2023 / EnigmaFund, a leader in Web3 and crypto-focused venture capital, is proud to announce its strategic investment and advisory role in the seed round of gameFi startup Aether Games.

This marks a significant milestone as EnigmaFund deepens its commitment to gameFi startups. Additionally, we are thrilled to share that we have successfully closed an exclusive partnership with Aether Games, solidifying their role as the exclusive online game producer for a major fantasy series franchise from a renowned online retailer.

This exclusive partnership involves a billion dollar franchise that has captivated audiences for decades, featuring an epic narrative rich in magic, complex characters, and a vast, immersive world. Aether Games, now the exclusive producer of trading card games inspired by this legendary series, is set to offer a groundbreaking fusion of storytelling and interactive gaming. This collaboration is expected to revolutionize the fan experience, bringing a beloved fantasy universe to life in the gaming world.

The company has already launched its beta version of the game on PC, available on Epic Games and Ultra, and has achieved remarkable success with its early users, averaging almost 2 hours gameplay per session.

"Aether Games is thrilled to partner with EnigmaFund, a company known for its success and expertise in entrepreneurship within the Web3 domain. This partnership is not just a strategic move; it's a melding of trust, knowledge, and innovation. With EnigmaFund's deep insights and proven track record, we look forward to exploring new horizons in gaming and delivering extraordinary experiences to our users." shares Jens Peeters, CEO of Aether Games.

EnigmaFund, is actively participating on Aether Games' advisory board, focusing on a few core areas including go-to-market strategy, preparation for their upcoming TGE (token generation event), and enhancing their already robust tokenomics in collaboration with CoinCraft.

The founder and GP of EnigmaFund, states, "Our investment in Aether Games, and opening up the opportunity to the members of Excelsior, is a testament to our belief in gameFi's unique potential to onboard an incredible amount of Web2 users into the promise of Web3. Aether Games' ability to have secured this exclusive partnership with this significant fantasy franchise show, beloved by millions of viewers and readers, demonstrates remarkable competence and foresight which aligns with this goal, as well as gives us a peek into their strategy ahead."

Recently EnigmaFund announced the launch of Excelsior, which empowers investors to follow onto EnigmaFund's Web3 and crypto highly-vetted dealflow. Through Excelsior, sophisticated investors can participate in the same early stage crypto deals at venture capital entry points.

Interested participants at Excelsior, can learn more about Aether Games via their unique in-depth reports prepared by the Excelsior team and Austin Seiberlich of CoinCraft, by joining Excelsior and reading the Medium post at this link.

About Enigma Fund and Excelsior

EnigmaFund is a premier Web3 venture capital firm, recognized for its unusual investment strategy to focus 70% of its funds in companies that it supports via active advisory roles. Excelsior, a division of Enigma Fund, provides investors with the ability to follow-on EnigmaFund's highly vetted deal flow, offering unique investment opportunities in early stage cutting-edge startup, long before their retail offerings. Learn more about Excelsior here.

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