First Reported Cybertruck Crash: Toyota Corolla Sustains Injuries, Damage On Tesla Vehicle Unclear

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A Cybertruck reportedly crashed with a 2009 Toyota Corolla in Palo Alto on Thursday, making it the first reported accident involving the newest vehicle from Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA).

What Happened: The California Highway Patrol confirmed the accident to The Verge after pictures started circulating on social media.

No party involved in the accident suffered any major injury, the report said, while adding that the patrol did make note of a suspected minor injury to the Cybertruck driver.

Pictures shared on social media show significant damage to the front end of the Toyota vehicle but the damage sustained on the Cybertruck is unclear.

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Why It Matters: "If you have an argument with another car, you will win," Musk said during the Cybertruck delivery event at Gigafactory Texas on Nov. 30.

Musk has often talked about how the Cybertruck is extremely safe for its occupants with its steel exterior and shatter-resistant armor glass windows. The CEO has previously even termed it an “armored personnel carrier from the future.”

However, earlier this month, Musk said that the vehicle is also safe for pedestrians in addition to occupants, possibly in response to concerns about the vehicle’s angular design posing a threat to other vehicles and pedestrians.

“Yes, we are highly confident that Cybertruck will be much safer per mile than other trucks, both for occupants and pedestrians,” Musk wrote on X.

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Tesla Cybertruck. Courtesy photo.

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