Game Awards 2023 Host Promises Beefed Up Security, Dropping 'World Premiere' Tag

The Game Awards, slated for Dec. 7, is making significant security enhancements following past stage invasions.

Host Geoff Keighley addressed the concerns during a Twitch Q&A. Measures were taken to prevent uninvited individuals from interrupting the show, he said, according to Kotaku.

Last year, a child disrupted the event (see below).

A similar incident occurred this year at Gamescom's opening night.

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"We definitely have plans,"  Keighley said, referring to improved security measures. "We’re trying to do all we can to keep me safe, but also everyone watching the show, the audience, people participating in the show and everything."

The Canadian video game journalist remained tight-lipped on the specifics: "We don’t want to talk about that stuff too publicly, just because it’s security."

Separately, The Game Awards is abandoning its familiar "World Premiere" branding for game and trailer reveals.

"We’re kind of moving away from that," Keighley said. "We just treat it as all great game content."

Efforts are also being made to shorten the event, minimize interruptions caused by speeches, and focus on game advertisements.

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Image courtesy: The Game Awards on X. 

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