Gaming Token Airdrops To Bring New Year Wishes To Crypto Gamers In 2024

Crypto and gaming fans can look forward to an interesting airdrop season in 2024.

What Happened: In the blockchain networks and tokens mainly used for gaming, there are a number of upcoming attractive airdrops in the months ahead.

  • Multi-chain gaming token Portal is looking to bridge the gap between Web3 games across various blockchains. The airdrop is set for January 2024 with the current Crystal Dash airdrop farming game set to conclude then. Users can convert their shards into airdrop and claim Portal tokens.
  • Layer 3 gaming network Xai is built on Arbitrum and will launch its first airdrop wave in the coming days, most likely in early January 2024. Xai network will drop its first XAI tokens to certain NFT project owners and Sentry node operators who have purchased a Sentry Key.
  • The new blockchain network Saga is scheduled to go live in Spring 2024 with more competitions set to take place in the coming months and possibly in games on other chains too.
  • Revolving Games is also looking to initiate an airdrop of its token to NFT holders from Skyborne Legacy, specifically Nexian Gem holders. For qualifying, Nexian Gem holders must retain their assets until Jan. 31, 2024, while Immortals NFTs holders also qualify.

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Why It Matters: In the cryptocurrency space, an airdrop is a strategy used by projects to reward early adopters and contributors with a portion of a newly minted token. This assists in the widespread distribution of tokens for decentralized governance.

With this strategy, the project and the user both benefit: the project attracts users, the user can earn free crypto or other digital collectibles.

Not all airdrops make the users gain significant airdrops initially, some crypto tokens tend to gain in value over a period.

An X user and Bitcoin builder Bounce Brand took to X on Dec. 28 and stated, “Get ready for an exciting blend of DeFi, gaming, and AI! Expect a series of special airdrops to benefit Bounce DeFi tokens & enhance your experience.”

Another user, Scope Alpha builder GemsScope went on X to state, “Gaming and token airdrop season will continue to take over in 2024.” He listed the 10 gaming projects with potential upcoming airdrops.

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