Income Investors Should Know That Franklin Resources, Inc. (NYSE:BEN) Goes Ex-Dividend Soon

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Franklin Resources, Inc. (NYSE:BEN) is about to trade ex-dividend in the next four days. The ex-dividend date occurs one day before the record date which is the day on which shareholders need to be on the company's books in order to receive a dividend. The ex-dividend date is of consequence because whenever a stock is bought or sold, the trade takes at least two business day to settle. This means that investors who purchase Franklin Resources' shares on or after the 2nd of January will not receive the dividend, which will be paid on the 12th of January.

The company's next dividend payment will be US$0.31 per share. Last year, in total, the company distributed US$1.20 to shareholders. Calculating the last year's worth of payments shows that Franklin Resources has a trailing yield of 4.1% on the current share price of $30.18. Dividends are a major contributor to investment returns for long term holders, but only if the dividend continues to be paid. So we need to investigate whether Franklin Resources can afford its dividend, and if the dividend could grow.

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Dividends are typically paid out of company income, so if a company pays out more than it earned, its dividend is usually at a higher risk of being cut. Franklin Resources paid out 70% of its earnings to investors last year, a normal payout level for most businesses.

Generally speaking, the lower a company's payout ratios, the more resilient its dividend usually is.

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NYSE:BEN Historic Dividend December 28th 2023

Have Earnings And Dividends Been Growing?

Stocks in companies that generate sustainable earnings growth often make the best dividend prospects, as it is easier to lift the dividend when earnings are rising. If business enters a downturn and the dividend is cut, the company could see its value fall precipitously. This is why it's a relief to see Franklin Resources earnings per share are up 4.2% per annum over the last five years.

Another key way to measure a company's dividend prospects is by measuring its historical rate of dividend growth. Franklin Resources's dividend payments per share have declined at 1.1% per year on average over the past 10 years, which is uninspiring.

To Sum It Up

From a dividend perspective, should investors buy or avoid Franklin Resources? Franklin Resources has been generating some growth in earnings per share while paying out more than half of its earnings to shareholders in the form of dividends. We think there are likely better opportunities out there.

So if you want to do more digging on Franklin Resources, you'll find it worthwhile knowing the risks that this stock faces. Case in point: We've spotted 3 warning signs for Franklin Resources you should be aware of.

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