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There wouldn't be many who think XPO, Inc.'s (NYSE:XPO) price-to-sales (or "P/S") ratio of 1.4x is worth a mention when the median P/S for the Transportation industry in the United States is similar at about 0.9x. While this might not raise any eyebrows, if the P/S ratio is not justified investors could be missing out on a potential opportunity or ignoring looming disappointment.

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NYSE:XPO Price to Sales Ratio vs Industry December 29th 2023

What Does XPO's Recent Performance Look Like?

With revenue growth that's superior to most other companies of late, XPO has been doing relatively well. It might be that many expect the strong revenue performance to wane, which has kept the P/S ratio from rising. If not, then existing shareholders have reason to be feeling optimistic about the future direction of the share price.

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How Is XPO's Revenue Growth Trending?

XPO's P/S ratio would be typical for a company that's only expected to deliver moderate growth, and importantly, perform in line with the industry.

If we review the last year of revenue growth, the company posted a terrific increase of 110%. However, this wasn't enough as the latest three year period has seen the company endure a nasty 33% drop in revenue in aggregate. Therefore, it's fair to say the revenue growth recently has been undesirable for the company.

Turning to the outlook, the next three years should generate growth of 7.6% per year as estimated by the analysts watching the company. That's shaping up to be similar to the 9.5% per year growth forecast for the broader industry.

In light of this, it's understandable that XPO's P/S sits in line with the majority of other companies. It seems most investors are expecting to see average future growth and are only willing to pay a moderate amount for the stock.

What We Can Learn From XPO's P/S?

Generally, our preference is to limit the use of the price-to-sales ratio to establishing what the market thinks about the overall health of a company.

A XPO's P/S seems about right to us given the knowledge that analysts are forecasting a revenue outlook that is similar to the Transportation industry. At this stage investors feel the potential for an improvement or deterioration in revenue isn't great enough to push P/S in a higher or lower direction. If all things remain constant, the possibility of a drastic share price movement remains fairly remote.

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