Jeff Bezos Says The Game Tetris 'Rewired' His Brain As He Explained The Power Of Tech: 'Brains Are Plastic, And You Can Feel Your Brain Getting Reprogrammed'

Jeff Bezos, founder of Inc. and space company Blue Origin, appeared on the "Lex Fridman Podcast" in December where he shared his perspective on how technology impacts human behavior and thought processes. In the interview, Bezos remarked on the plasticity of the human brain and its adaptability to technological tools, using the example of how playing Tetris can rewire the brain. 

Bezos delved into the dynamic interplay between humanity and technology, highlighting how people are not only creators but also products of our inventions. 

"’We coevolve with our tools," he said. "We invent new tools and then our tools change us." 

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He elaborated on the broader implications of this interaction, especially in business, saying, "It goes in a circle … even just inside business where you don’t just make the customer happy, but you also have to think about where is this going to take humanity if you zoom out a bit."

To illustrate his point on the power of technology, he said, "Brains are plastic, and you can feel your brain getting reprogrammed. I remember the first time this happened to me was when Tetris first came on the scene. I’m sure you’ve had, anybody who’s been a game player has this experience where you close your eyes to lay down to go to sleep and you see all the little blocks moving. And you can, you’re kind of rotating them in your mind and you can just tell as you walk around the world that you have rewired your brain to play Tetris.”

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Bezos touched upon the broader implications of humanity's evolving relationship with technology, particularly with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models like ChatGPT. He expressed optimism about the potential of these technologies to benefit humanity and acknowledged the challenges and responsibilities that come with their development and use.

In 2023, the AI industry continued to attract significant interest from venture capital investors. AI companies raised $50 billion in venture capital during the year, marking a 9% increase from the $45.8 billion invested in 2022. 

Bezos’s insights on the evolving relationship between humans and technology, particularly in the context of AI and large language models, reflect the significant investment and interest in the field. The optimism and potential benefits he envisions for humanity align with the substantial financial support that AI startups are receiving from the venture capital community. Anyone can invest in startups to get in on the ground level of the next big innovation. 

The Amazon founder's insights during the interview provide a valuable perspective on the interplay between technology and human behavior. His comments on the adaptability of the human brain to technology and the potential impact of AI technologies offer a glimpse into the mind of one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and visionaries.

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