Satya Nadella Says AI-Generated Taylor Swift Deepfakes Are 'Alarming And Terrible'

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Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) CEO, Satya Nadella has expressed concerns over AI-generated explicit images of pop star Taylor Swift, describing the situation as “alarming and terrible.”

What Happened: Nadella addressed the issue in an upcoming NBC Nightly News interview. He stressed the urgency to act against the spread of nonconsensual explicit images, reported The Verge.

Nadella emphasized the obligation of tech companies to establish safeguards around technology to ensure safer content production. He proposed a global societal agreement on certain norms, where law enforcement and tech platforms can collaborate to regulate content.

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Another report suggests that Microsoft’s Designer image generator might have been used to create the fake Swift images. While unconfirmed, it points at a potential technical issue that Microsoft could rectify.

Nadella’s comments are part of a larger discussion on AI regulation and nonconsensual sexual imagery handling. The White House has called for legislative action, but the specifics are still unclear.

Why It Matters: The controversy follows a series of incidents involving the misuse of AI technology.

AI-generated explicit images of Swift circulated on social media earlier this month, raising concerns about AI technology’s potential misuse. In response, Nadella pledged to act quickly against the spread of non-consensual explicit deepfake images.

In September, AI was used to create and distribute fake nude images of minor girls in a small Spanish town, causing widespread outrage. A similar incident occurred in November, targeting female students at a New Jersey school.

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