Spotlight on FedEx: Analyzing the Surge in Options Activity

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Financial giants have made a conspicuous bearish move on FedEx. Our analysis of options history for FedEx (NYSE:FDX) revealed 12 unusual trades.

Delving into the details, we found 33% of traders were bullish, while 66% showed bearish tendencies. Out of all the trades we spotted, 3 were puts, with a value of $101,416, and 9 were calls, valued at $784,747.

Expected Price Movements

Based on the trading activity, it appears that the significant investors are aiming for a price territory stretching from $220.0 to $270.0 for FedEx over the recent three months.

Insights into Volume & Open Interest

Looking at the volume and open interest is an insightful way to conduct due diligence on a stock.

This data can help you track the liquidity and interest for FedEx's options for a given strike price.

Below, we can observe the evolution of the volume and open interest of calls and puts, respectively, for all of FedEx's whale activity within a strike price range from $220.0 to $270.0 in the last 30 days.

FedEx Call and Put Volume: 30-Day Overview

Options Call Chart

Largest Options Trades Observed:

Symbol PUT/CALL Trade Type Sentiment Exp. Date Strike Price Total Trade Price Open Interest Volume
FDX CALL TRADE BEARISH 01/19/24 $220.00 $158.3K 1.0K 49
FDX CALL SWEEP BULLISH 04/19/24 $260.00 $152.4K 1.5K 508
FDX CALL SWEEP BEARISH 04/19/24 $260.00 $115.1K 1.5K 102
FDX CALL TRADE BULLISH 04/19/24 $260.00 $114.5K 1.5K 818
FDX CALL TRADE BEARISH 04/19/24 $260.00 $111.0K 1.5K 105

About FedEx

FedEx pioneered overnight delivery in 1973 and remains the world's largest express package provider. In its fiscal 2023, which ended May 2023, FedEx derived 47% of revenue from its express division, 37% from ground, and 11% from freight, its asset-based less-than-truckload shipping segment. The remainder comes from other services, including FedEx Office, which provides document production/shipping, and FedEx Logistics, which provides global forwarding. FedEx acquired Dutch parcel delivery firm TNT Express in 2016. TNT was previously the fourth-largest global parcel delivery provider.

Following our analysis of the options activities associated with FedEx, we pivot to a closer look at the company's own performance.

Current Position of FedEx

  • Trading volume stands at 1,009,273, with FDX's price up by 0.9%, positioned at $253.19.
  • RSI indicators show the stock to be is currently neutral between overbought and oversold.
  • Earnings announcement expected in 77 days.

Professional Analyst Ratings for FedEx

4 market experts have recently issued ratings for this stock, with a consensus target price of $302.5.

  • Consistent in their evaluation, an analyst from JP Morgan keeps a Neutral rating on FedEx with a target price of $305.
  • An analyst from Stephens & Co. persists with their Overweight rating on FedEx, maintaining a target price of $320.
  • An analyst from Barclays persists with their Overweight rating on FedEx, maintaining a target price of $310.
  • An analyst from Raymond James persists with their Outperform rating on FedEx, maintaining a target price of $275.

Options trading presents higher risks and potential rewards. Astute traders manage these risks by continually educating themselves, adapting their strategies, monitoring multiple indicators, and keeping a close eye on market movements. Stay informed about the latest FedEx options trades with real-time alerts from Benzinga Pro.

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