Steven Madden, Ltd.'s (NASDAQ:SHOO) P/E Still Appears To Be Reasonable

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With a median price-to-earnings (or "P/E") ratio of close to 17x in the United States, you could be forgiven for feeling indifferent about Steven Madden, Ltd.'s (NASDAQ:SHOO) P/E ratio of 18.7x. However, investors might be overlooking a clear opportunity or potential setback if there is no rational basis for the P/E.

Steven Madden has been struggling lately as its earnings have declined faster than most other companies. It might be that many expect the dismal earnings performance to revert back to market averages soon, which has kept the P/E from falling. You'd much rather the company wasn't bleeding earnings if you still believe in the business. If not, then existing shareholders may be a little nervous about the viability of the share price.

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NasdaqGS:SHOO Price to Earnings Ratio vs Industry December 30th 2023
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Does Growth Match The P/E?

There's an inherent assumption that a company should be matching the market for P/E ratios like Steven Madden's to be considered reasonable.

Taking a look back first, the company's earnings per share growth last year wasn't something to get excited about as it posted a disappointing decline of 31%. This has erased any of its gains during the last three years, with practically no change in EPS being achieved in total. So it appears to us that the company has had a mixed result in terms of growing earnings over that time.

Turning to the outlook, the next three years should generate growth of 14% per annum as estimated by the nine analysts watching the company. Meanwhile, the rest of the market is forecast to expand by 13% each year, which is not materially different.

In light of this, it's understandable that Steven Madden's P/E sits in line with the majority of other companies. It seems most investors are expecting to see average future growth and are only willing to pay a moderate amount for the stock.

The Key Takeaway

Typically, we'd caution against reading too much into price-to-earnings ratios when settling on investment decisions, though it can reveal plenty about what other market participants think about the company.

As we suspected, our examination of Steven Madden's analyst forecasts revealed that its market-matching earnings outlook is contributing to its current P/E. At this stage investors feel the potential for an improvement or deterioration in earnings isn't great enough to justify a high or low P/E ratio. Unless these conditions change, they will continue to support the share price at these levels.

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