'Trump's Tunnel Of Hate Is Not Enjoyable': Debbie Dingell Responds To Former President's 'Rot In Hell' Message

A prominent Congresswoman is responding to a Christmas Day message from former President Donald Trump, in which he said, "Rot in hell" to his political adversaries. 

In a New York Times op-ed published Saturday, Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI), recounted her CNN interview where she criticized Trump's Christmas message as "wrong and divisive," linking it to the rising violence in the country.

Despite potential repercussions and threats from Trump, individuals may find themselves entangled in such conflicts in the coming year, she wrote.

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"I am particularly familiar with this, as Mr. Trump has targeted me in the past in ways that have been very difficult," Dingell wrote. "Being in Mr. Trump's tunnel of hate is not enjoyable". 

Dingell noted the former president's harsh words directed at her and her late husband, Congressman John Dingell

Reflecting on her late husband's legacy and the impact of Trump's words, she expressed her determination to stand up to bullies. She shared her experiences of receiving threats and hostile reactions, underscoring the broader implications of such a toxic political environment on democracy and public safety.

"I'm concerned by Mr. Trump's pledges to rip health care away from Americans and to rule as a dictator, and by his applause of political violence," Dinegell wrote. 

Despite the challenges, Dingell remains committed to confronting hateful rhetoric. She urges others to do the same, advocating for a response that maintains civility in the face of cruelty. In her NY Times op-ed, she wrote that it's crucial to challenge and de-escalate attacks without succumbing to the same level of animosity.

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