Unpleasant Surprises Could Be In Store For Yoshitsu Co., Ltd's (NASDAQ:TKLF) Shares

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With a median price-to-sales (or "P/S") ratio of close to 0.4x in the Specialty Retail industry in the United States, you could be forgiven for feeling indifferent about Yoshitsu Co., Ltd's (NASDAQ:TKLF) P/S ratio of 0.2x. However, investors might be overlooking a clear opportunity or potential setback if there is no rational basis for the P/S.

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NasdaqCM:TKLF Price to Sales Ratio vs Industry December 29th 2023

How Yoshitsu Has Been Performing

For example, consider that Yoshitsu's financial performance has been poor lately as its revenue has been in decline. One possibility is that the P/S is moderate because investors think the company might still do enough to be in line with the broader industry in the near future. If you like the company, you'd at least be hoping this is the case so that you could potentially pick up some stock while it's not quite in favour.

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Is There Some Revenue Growth Forecasted For Yoshitsu?

The only time you'd be comfortable seeing a P/S like Yoshitsu's is when the company's growth is tracking the industry closely.

In reviewing the last year of financials, we were disheartened to see the company's revenues fell to the tune of 17%. The last three years don't look nice either as the company has shrunk revenue by 2.3% in aggregate. Accordingly, shareholders would have felt downbeat about the medium-term rates of revenue growth.

Weighing that medium-term revenue trajectory against the broader industry's one-year forecast for expansion of 5.4% shows it's an unpleasant look.

With this information, we find it concerning that Yoshitsu is trading at a fairly similar P/S compared to the industry. Apparently many investors in the company are way less bearish than recent times would indicate and aren't willing to let go of their stock right now. Only the boldest would assume these prices are sustainable as a continuation of recent revenue trends is likely to weigh on the share price eventually.

The Final Word

It's argued the price-to-sales ratio is an inferior measure of value within certain industries, but it can be a powerful business sentiment indicator.

The fact that Yoshitsu currently trades at a P/S on par with the rest of the industry is surprising to us since its recent revenues have been in decline over the medium-term, all while the industry is set to grow. When we see revenue heading backwards in the context of growing industry forecasts, it'd make sense to expect a possible share price decline on the horizon, sending the moderate P/S lower. If recent medium-term revenue trends continue, it will place shareholders' investments at risk and potential investors in danger of paying an unnecessary premium.

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