What's Been Up With Atrion Stock?

Atrion Corporation +4.32%

Atrion Corporation




Atrion Corporation (NASDAQ:ATRI) shares traded lower on Thursday. The stock took a break from its recent uptrend over the past few weeks, pulling back by over 4%.

What To Know: Atrion stock reached a low in mid-November not seen since several years prior. The move lower coincided with the company's reporting of a year-over-year decrease in its third-quarter financial results.

However, it was around the same time that shares began to trade higher, creating an uptrend during December. A one-month high in the stock's price was reached on Wednesday, followed by the pullback from the strength seen on Thursday.

The stock's price action drew some attention during the session, as the ticker appeared on Stocktwits' Trending page.

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ATRI Price Action: Shares of Atrion closed down 2.36% at $389.94, according to Benzinga Pro.

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