Why Rail Vision's Stock Is Soaring Higher Today

Rail Vision Ltd. -3.64%

Rail Vision Ltd.




Rail Vision’s (NASDAQ:RVSN) stock stayed on the right track Tuesday morning, trading up more than 40% after the company announced it would implement new AI technology into its Main Line and Switch Yard systems. The move comes amid increased interest in the stock among retail traders on social media platforms and message boards. 

The Basics: Rail Vision creates technology to prevent accidents and crashes for trains. The company’s stock has garnered traders' attention with its rapid rise, moving higher by more than 1000% in the last month. The company has a small market cap and low float, making it a prime candidate for retail investors looking for a quick mover. 

News Catalysts: Last Thursday, the stock was halted on a circuit breaker to the upside after the company got a key approval from the EU. The day before, the company announced a $5 million deal for its products and technology from a leading U.S. rail contractor. 

The Price Action: Rail Vision’s stock opened the year at less than $1 a share. Tuesday morning, it traded at more than $20 a share. If Rail Vision continues to deliver positive news regarding the adoption of its technology, the stock could continue to move higher. When a stock moves up more than 1,000% in a month, it could also potentially experience a pullback.

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