• Whether you’re a novice or an experienced investor, Sahm’s wide array of both active and passive exchange-traded funds (ETFs) simplifies your search for the right investment. With advanced research tools and immediate access to extensive, current data, easily identify the ETFs that align with your investment objectives.
  • Sahm offers a unique selection of Arabic-themed ETFs, providing investors with opportunities to invest in companies and sectors that are specifically focused on the Arab region.
  • Sahm provides access to sector-specific ETFs, allowing investors to capitalize on emerging trends and industries that are experiencing rapid growth.
  • Sahm offers a diverse range of worldwide ETFs, enabling investors to access international markets and invest in companies from around the globe.
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U.S. Market

U.S. stocks & ETFs
USD per share
Minimum Charge

U.S. Market

U.S. equity margin

Maximum leverage ratio of 1:2

No interest on intra-day repayments

7 %

Annual margin rate
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