Biophytis Is Deploying Its Partnership Strategy In Obesity

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Biophytis SA (PARIS:ALBPS), ("Biophytis" or the "Company"), a clinical-stage biotechnology company specialized in the development of therapeutics for age-related diseases, today announces the implementation of a dedicated strategy for partner search in obesity.

Biophytis is continually working on the search for partners thanks to a sound strategy and action plan, with the Company being fully committed to drive groundbreaking scientific and technological advances that have the potential to transform the lives of obese patients worldwide.

Biophytis' partnering strategy is based on the search for the best partners selected through precise targeting and an in-depth analysis and understanding of the pharmaceutical landscape to select the right partners and identify mutual benefits. We are looking to licence-out BI0101 (20-hydroxyecdysones) to regional or global pharmaceutical companies that will co-develop with us the drug candidate up to marketing authorization in the treatment of obesity and other indications and have the capacity to launch and commercialize it in the main regions. BIO101 (20-hydroxyecdysone) is in clinical development (phase 2 OBA study in preparation) in obesity, in combination with GLP-1 receptor agonists (GLP1-RA).

Furthemore, the Company has established a refined and tailored action plan to serve these objective, which includes close collaboration with local agents to provide expertise and network and a Senior Management's presence in the most attractive business events in pharma. For this, Biophytis will attend the BIO US conference, the largest business development conference on the American continent to be held from June 3 to 6 in San Diego.

Stanislas Veillet, CEO of Biophytis, stated: "The obesity market is currently soaring, with the USA (more than 110 million patients), China (approximately 70 million patients) and Brazil (more than 40 million patients) having the highest prevalence rates. It is crucial for Biophytis to position itself in these key regions which are open to innovation and present great potential revenue wise. Beyond the financial aspects, Biophytis has the ambition to address a gigantic medical challenge. But we can't accomplish this on our own. Only by partnering with the brightest minds in science and healthcare can we serve the needs of patients. Biophytis' Partnering strategy is founded on 4 values that will be at the core of our approach: trust, expertise, performance and ambition."

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