F&G Annuities & Life (NYSE:FG) Has Affirmed Its Dividend Of $0.21

F&G Annuities & Life, Inc. Common Stock -0.07%

F&G Annuities & Life, Inc. Common Stock




F&G Annuities & Life, Inc.'s (NYSE:FG) investors are due to receive a payment of $0.21 per share on 28th of June. This means the dividend yield will be fairly typical at 2.2%.

F&G Annuities & Life's Payment Has Solid Earnings Coverage

Solid dividend yields are great, but they only really help us if the payment is sustainable. The last dividend was quite easily covered by F&G Annuities & Life's earnings. This indicates that quite a large proportion of earnings is being invested back into the business.

Over the next year, EPS is forecast to expand by 45.2%. If the dividend continues on this path, the payout ratio could be 42% by next year, which we think can be pretty sustainable going forward.

NYSE:FG Historic Dividend May 30th 2024

F&G Annuities & Life Is Still Building Its Track Record

It's not possible for us to make a backward looking judgement just based on a short payment history. This doesn't mean that the company can't pay a good dividend, but just that we want to wait until it can prove itself.

The Dividend Looks Likely To Grow

The company's investors will be pleased to have been receiving dividend income for some time. It's encouraging to see that F&G Annuities & Life has been growing its earnings per share at 37% a year over the past five years. The company doesn't have any problems growing, despite returning a lot of capital to shareholders, which is a very nice combination for a dividend stock to have.

We Really Like F&G Annuities & Life's Dividend

Overall, we think that this is a great income investment, and we think that maintaining the dividend this year may have been a conservative choice. Distributions are quite easily covered by earnings, which are also being converted to cash flows. Taking this all into consideration, this looks like it could be a good dividend opportunity.

Companies possessing a stable dividend policy will likely enjoy greater investor interest than those suffering from a more inconsistent approach. Meanwhile, despite the importance of dividend payments, they are not the only factors our readers should know when assessing a company. Is F&G Annuities & Life not quite the opportunity you were looking for? Why not check out our selection of top dividend stocks.

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