Marin Software Launches AI-powered Anomaly Detector To Unlock Growth In Performance Marketing Campaigns; Says "Tool Automatically Identifies And Summarizes Unexpected Results In Performance Marketing Campaigns Across Google, Meta, Amazon, And Othe...

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Automated account review powered by OpenAI helps digital marketers identify and act on unexpected performance

Marin Software, a leading digital marketing optimization platform, announced the launch of its Anomaly Detector. This new tool automatically identifies and summarizes unexpected results in performance marketing campaigns across Google, Meta, Amazon, and other pay-per-click ad platforms. This groundbreaking feature gives brands and their agencies the contextualized, timely insights they need to move faster, make smarter decisions, and never miss an opportunity.

Marin's Anomaly Detector reviews performance across your accounts and highlights large changes in revenue, conversions, and ad spend. The analysis starts at the account level and zooms into the campaigns and ad groups. It summarizes the root cause of the outlier and potential ways to address or capitalize on the anomaly. Marin also highlights high-level data trends that may be overlooked during manual analysis. It's all summarized in an easy-to-read narrative email that's delivered to users' inboxes and can be shared across teams.

Performance marketers work under a deluge of data from many different sources. It's easy to miss issues that might result in wasted ad spend or missed opportunities. Finding the important signals in the noise of day-to-day variations in performance is a constant challenge. Marin's Anomaly Detector ensures nothing is missed and gives marketers confidence that any outliers will be caught and addressed immediately.

YOTEL, an innovative hotel chain for modern travelers, harnesses the power of Marin's Anomaly Detector. Philip Ascott, YOTEL's Director of Digital, said, "Marin's Anomaly Detector automatically tracks day-of-the-week trends to predict performance and flags any campaigns that aren't hitting their forecasted KPIs. Marin's AI automates all of our reporting, performance monitoring, and optimization, saving us countless hours per week so we can spend more time focusing on strategy as we expand our presence globally."

"At Marin, we're building a future where performance marketers access real-time, distilled insights to act faster, convert more customers, and free up time from tedious analysis," said Wister Walcott, EVP of Product & Technology. "Marin's foundation is built on AI, and recent advancements have accelerated our ability to make this vision a reality."

Brands and agencies looking to ensure they never miss a significant shift in their performance marketing campaigns can learn more about Anomaly Detector and other ways that Marin's AI can help deliver better results and save time by visiting:

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