"Microsoft Makes Copilot Available To All Advertisers; Microsoft Copilot Now Offers AI-Powered Conversational Support, Creative Asset Recommendations And Content Generation Capabilities" - Search Engine Land

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Microsoft's AI assistant Copilot is now available for all advertisers across the Microsoft Advertising Platform, a month after they increased the testing pool, the company announced today.

Why we care: Microsoft touts CopIlot as a way for advertisers to save time on routine tasks, focus on strategic decision-making and improve overall performance. We'll be watching closely to see whether these claims are actually true for advertisers.

What's new. Copilot offers several AI-powered capabilities within the ad platform, including:

  • Natural language conversational chat to get answers and synthesize info.
  • Recommendations for ad creative assets like images and copy.
  • AI-generated images and other assets on demand.
  • Integrated throughout the platform UI and workflows.
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