Why SINTX Technologies Shares Are Skyrocketing

SiNtx Technologies, Inc. - Common Stock -3.72%

SiNtx Technologies, Inc. - Common Stock




SINTX Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:SINT) shares are trading higher by 32% to $0.05 during Monday’s session after the company and Prodways Printers announced they have entered into a technical partnership and ceramic slurry supply agreement.

Under this collaboration, SINTX and its subsidiary will provide ceramic-filled printable slurries to Prodways and aid in process development and customer support. SINTX says this partnership enables comprehensive collaboration in advanced technical ceramics, especially in casting applications.

Ann Kutsch, the General Manager of the SINTX-Maryland site, expressed confidence in their engineering team’s six-year experience with Prodways printers. They’ve commercialized various resin compositions and part designs using Prodways equipment.

Kutsch anticipates that a formal partnership with Prodways will foster breakthrough developments and innovative solutions for their customers.

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How To Buy SINT Stock

By now you're likely curious about how to participate in the market for SINTX – be it to purchase shares, or even attempt to bet against the company.

Buying shares is typically done through a brokerage account. You can find a list of possible trading platforms here. Many will allow you to buy ‘fractional shares,' which allows you to own portions of stock without buying an entire share. For example, some stock, like Berkshire Hathaway, or Amazon.com, can cost thousands of dollars to own just one share. However, if you only want to invest a fraction of that, brokerages will allow you to do so.

In the the case of SINTX, which is trading at $0.05 as of publishing time, $100 would buy you 2000.0 shares of stock.

If you're looking to bet against a company, the process is more complex. You'll need access to an options trading platform, or a broker who will allow you to ‘go short' a share of stock by lending you the shares to sell. The process of shorting a stock can be found at this resource. Otherwise, if your broker allows you to trade options, you can either buy a put option, or sell a call option at a strike price above where shares are currently trading – either way it allows you to profit off of the share price decline.

According to data from Benzinga Pro, SINT has a 52-week high of $1.82 and a 52-week low of $0.02.

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