How to transfer stock out from Sahm?

To transfer stocks out of Sahm, please perform the following steps:

  • Tap the "More" icon located on the upper left of the Watchlist page.
  • Tap the "Transfer Positions".
  • Tap the "Transfer Out".
  • Choose the preferred market you want to transfer out. 
  • Fill in information of outgoing broker and tap the "Next". 
  • Enter stock information and tap on "Next".
  • Review the information on stock transfer and tap the "Confirm" to confirm the stock transfer-out.

Note: Please remember to contact the broker which transfers in the stock and submit the stock transfer-in request. Since notification to different brokers may vary, please see the requirements of the incoming broker for details. Upon receipt of your stock transfer-out request, we will contact the incoming broker to confirm the consistency of transfer instructions and execute your stock transfer requests.

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