Schedule of U.S. Stock Options Trading Fees


Fees (USD)

Charged by


$0.99/ Contract, min $1.99/ Trade

Valuable Capital Financial Company

Options Regulatory Fee (ORF)

$0.02685/ Contract

U.S. Exchanges

SEC Fee (Sells Only)

0.0008%* Trading amount, min. $0.01/ Trade


Trading Activity Fee (Sells Only)

$0.00279/ Contract, min. $0.01/ Trade


Options Clearing Fee

$0.02/ Contract, max. $55/ Trade

Options Clearing Corporation (OCC)

Settlement Fee

$0.18/ Contract

U.S. Exchanges


15%* The sum of the above fees

Saudi Government

  • Options Regulatory Fee (ORF) is charged by the following exchanges: AMEX, BATS, BOX, CBOE, CBOE2, ISE, GEMINI, MIAX, NOM, PCX, PHLX.
  • Process of options trading may incur additional fees, depending on the type of liquidity generated, as determined by the exchange.
  • Valuable Capital Financial Company will adjust the self-collected third-party fees on behalf of the Exchange, regulatory and other external parties as required. Please pay attention to any update.
  • VCFC will collect fees for third parties, including Options Regulatory Fee (ORF), SEC Regulation Fee, Trading Activity Fee, Options Clearing Fee and Exchange Fee.
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